Hometown Gold

Expanses of gold surround us in the mountains and we breathe in awe as we taken in these vastness of hue.  But going for gold also comes down from the mountains and right outside our door, here in our Northern NM Taos town.  So go play big in the mountains but don't miss the spectacular above and below right where we are.

© Kathryn A. Hayden

The Golden Season Arrives

Fall in Northern NM Rains Gold as the transition from warm days changes to cooler winds, shorter days and thoughts of summer fade.  But while summer flowers may fade, the colors and hues that burst forth in their last hurrah before their fall creates a master tapestry throughout the mountains above and below your feet.

© Kathryn A. Hayden

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Angel Dance

Clouds just have fun in Northern New Mexico...The fluffy puffs against the striking blue, the gatherings, the medium for the light of the area, and the constant play and motion....gives endless sky entertainment and imagination fodder.

© Kathryn A. Hayden


While there many things change with time -- growth of towns and communities, influx and impact of tourism, new faces -- there remains a strong, ever-present foundation to many of the communities of Northern New Mexico and that is the steadfast faith, which can be seen in the homages that also serve as hearts of the communities.

© Kathryn A Hayden

Seco Still Rides High

The littlest, BIG fun parade that has come to epitomize for many the quirk of the Taos area had to make a bit of change ...many were worried it wouldn't be the same without the participation of the horse men and women and their stead, but not to be concerned, locals knew just how to address that problem...young and older generations alike made do with a new type of breed...

© Kathryn A. Hayden

It Takes a Village

Taos Ski Valley is more than just a ski area...the Village of Taos Ski Valley boasts year-round activities...and cool temps when temps get a little warm down below ...and this year, the village celebrated its 20th year of its incorporation when it became New Mexico's 100th municipality.

© Kathryn A. Hayden

It's Not All Desert

It's not all Desert...
To many folks, New Mexico is all desert -- dry and arid. But in fact, one of the many enchantments is the variety of climates one encounters traveling throughout Taos, and Northern New Mexico. This particular scene is just off Hondo River about 4 miles above John Dunn Bridge...itself a rafters, fisher people, swimmers and more destination for splashing and playing in the water. As you make your way back up the road, it is dry mesa land...as you wind around, you again come to spots like this that looks like a scene out of the Wind and the Willows. Northern NM...just keep driving and it keeps changing...
© Kathryn A. Hayden

Truckin' Taos Style

"Taos Style Truckin"
Not all trucks in Taos are for getting from A to B…Some just stay in A, or maybe B…or being of Taos culture, choose not to be identified with a set location. But the trucks that don’t move in motion do move in emotion.

© Kathryn A. Hayden

Get Out of Town

The beauty, and funkiness, of Northern New Mexico is more than just Taos and Santa Fe. Exploring the backroads can reveal treasures of small communities. And if you ask nice, you might even get recommendations on places to eat the locals only know.

© Kathryn A. Hayden


Land Canvas

While Taos is known for creative artists of canvas...there are many not-so-well known that use the land as a natural canvas for all to enjoy. ...

© Kathryn A. Hayden